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en Romanos, rerum dominos, gentemque togatam

Meet the Romans: masters of the world, in their signature togas.

Discover Roman history

sunt lacrimae rerum, et mentem mortalia tangunt

Here there is compassion, and human suffering touches the heart.

Reimagine Latin literature

Live Latin aims to provide resources and inspiration to help a new generation of fledgling classicists discover the Romans on their own terms.



Learning Latin is the only sure-fire way to form your own opinion of the Romans and their works. Finding primers a drag? Learn it here in plain English.



A language without a history of the people who spoke it is a code missing a key. Who were the people who spoke Latin and why did they rule the world?



Latin literature was written to be enjoyed. Rediscover its great variety in context.


From Disney to Harry Potter, let your old favourites show you that Latin is a working, spoken language!


Have a question? Just want to gush about the Romans? Go right ahead.